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CorrMed opens first warehouse in Europe

CorrMed has seen significant growth over the last 12-18 months. As a supplier of medical and vaccine bags, designed with infection control attributes at their core, their products and expertise has been in high demand. During the pandemic, the team used the time to not only research and invest in new products, but also analysing the supply chain and investing in additional warehousing, distribution facilities and logistics staff.

As if a global pandemic wasn’t enough to deal with, Brexit also had its part to play, causing delays and uncertainty about how deliveries of products could be made into Europe. It became clear, quite quickly, that shipments out to European partners were taking an excessive time to deliver. For CorrMed, this was unacceptable. To ensure that they could continue to offer a fast service and delivery on their products, CorrMed signed an agreement in April 2021 with a specialist warehousing and fulfilment organisation in the Netherlands, Kinesis. Kinesis Medical is a one-stop shop and offers its services only to the medical and cosmetics industry, thus are highly specialised and an excellent partner for CorrMed.

Katie Houghton, Managing Director says “We knew we needed to find a solution to our distribution dilemma, the lead-in time was just unacceptable both for us and our European partners. Working with Kinesis Medical gives us an end-to-end solution, which we can trust and rely on. In June 2021 we received our first shipment of Porta Thermal products into the Netherlands. We are thrilled to now be in a situation where distributors in Europe will have a fast delivery of our products and we look forward to developing this market further.”


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