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CorrMed Equipment Bags Improve Efficiencies and Infection Control for Frontline Teams

Following the launch of CorrMed’s IPC bag range in 2022, our innovative products are officially field-tested, and we are proud to have received an industry thumbs up! Having reduced employee health and safety risks and increased patient safety, the range is an important step forwards in our mission to raise the industry benchmark as an Infection control specialist.

Purpose designed for frontline medical and nursing teams, our IPC-compliant range of medical bags has been received internationally with overwhelmingly positive response, especially from NHS and community nurses in particular. More than 4,500 individual bags have been delivered to 41 clients across 9 countries including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. The range features backpacks for paramedics, first responders, search and rescue and police medics, as well as a suite of bags and pouches for community nursing teams. The bags meet the highest IPC standards, providing a professional solution that minimises potential for cross contamination.

Our IPC range was created in response to the needs of multiple frontline and make-ready teams who became keenly involved with the design process, providing feedback and guidance throughout. Offering 100% infection control, each bag is specially designed to fit UK-recommendations, with an internal layout that has been optimised for easy access to equipment, fast identification of stock levels, and robust security. Healthcare teams have reported a variety of benefits including reduced costs and improved organisational efficiency, noting how much easier it is to clean the bags and check the expiry dates in particular.

Michelle Freeman, Directorate Manager for Community Nursing at Livewell Southwest said: The efficiencies we get from a more organised stock transport system are a huge benefit, reducing unnecessary ‘return to base’ travel, reducing stock wastage and improving time efficiency as the relevant supplies are easy to find. We’re delighted to have the Community Stock Bags for our Community teams.”

Tim Stokes-Richardson, Head of Clinical Operations who has 17 Years Frontline and Event Medicine, Planning and Paramedic experience commented: “At last, we have a bag that is fit for purpose for equipment layout, weight, and size, as well as the increasingly important infection control. The Complete Response bag is a game changer for the UK paramedic teams. As front-line paramedics, we have needed a bag like this for many years. There is everything in this Response bag that we would carry, in a better layout, and which fits in our Ambulance space. This bag also covers an airway bag, ALS pouches, first Aid and BVM.”

Katie Houghton, Managing Director of CorrMed commented: “In order for us to design and manufacture a range that was relevant and durable, the key was to really listen to our end users and ensure we came up with a solution that met their exact needs. Prototyping was no simple process and that is the way it had to be, by utilising a team of professionals who would be putting the finished products through their paces every single day.

“It has been a culmination of hard work and commitment on both sides, combining CorrMed’s 85 years of professional experience and infection control expertise, with frontline medical staff, which has resulted in a hugely successful collaboration. This has been our company ethos from day one, to partner with medical professionals to create designs that are fit for purpose, manufacture them with infection control at their core and then deliver them to our testers who like to get hands-on.

“We hope many other teams will now benefit from our bags and we are delighted that we are making a difference, not just in an everyday practical sense supporting medical and healthcare teams but from a wider NHS perspective in helping to tackle hospital admissions, improve lives and facilitate access to care in the community.”


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