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Clinical Pharmacy Congress – London (13th & 14th May)

On the 13th and 14th of May Katie & Fiona were exhibiting at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress at London’s Excel; it is the largest gathering for the clinical pharmacy profession in the UK with over 3000 attendees.

Katie and Fiona were proud to showcase the NHS England approved Porta Thermal Cold Chain Vaccine Bag range. Designed to enable the safe and secure transportation of vaccines & other medicines whilst in cold chain.

The Porta Thermal range were designed based on years of research and experience in the infection control field, their infection prevention properties include:

· Wipe clean and waterproof material that is anti-mould and anti-bacterial

· No Velcro

· Anti-rot stitching for easy clean to meet infection control requirements

To maximise their cold chain effectiveness all Porta Thermal bags have optimised thermal qualities, such as insulating material, padded zip protection, thermal separators, pillows, coolant holders and inner lid.

The Porta Thermal bags are field tested and built to a high quality that will withstand real-world use and damage, not just laboratory conditions.

Understanding the environment in which these bags would be used, the CorrMed design team knew that easy handling would be important. Therefore, the Porta Thermal range includes ladder handles, integrated trolleys, adjustable shoulder straps and grab handles.

View & buy the Porta Thermal range:

Read independent reviews on the Porta Thermal range:


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