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Bespoke Bag design meeting at CorrMed’s new office space.

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Designing bespoke bags brings us such joy. Not only does it get all of the creative juices flowing but it is combined with our absolute favourite pastime, finding solutions to problems.

We are currently working with a new client who has battled with sub-optimum medical bags for so long that the users have become accustomed to not having everything they need in the right place or in the correct volumes.

It’s a problem we see time and time again, that a one-size-fits-all approach for a medical kit bag doesn’t work for everyone when the scope of medical supplies needed can vary so much.

At CorrMed we know that in an emergency setting you need to be able to pack and unpack your medical bag quickly and efficiently and this comes with having the correct shape and size compartments for each item.

Our custom-made medical bags enable our clients to choose colours, branding and aesthetics but most importantly enable you to design the placement of each pouch and compartment, zip positioning etc. all with the specific handling needs of the end user in mind.

The foundation of our design process is understanding the use and needs of each individual. We begin with what the bespoke bag needs to carry and move to how the contents need to be accessed. Does something need to be locked away securely or accessed one-handed in an emergency? Our focus being to make life easier in stressful situations.

A challenge we have been working on this week is designing a bespoke bag which can carry the optimum amount of kit to alleviate the users’ need to constantly return to base to re-stock between call outs. It is a real privilege to be able to hear the challenges faced by emergency crews with access to kit and know that we can find a way to alleviate them.

By the end of the first meeting we have enough information to come up with the first design. The second meeting is to show the drawings and engage with customer feedback on any possible changes or unforeseen elements that may need to be added. We now discuss colours for the main bag and inner pouches. By the end of the second meeting, the drawings are finalised and it’s time to send the drawings to our manufacturer.

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