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1 year on working with Blue Mirror

Did you know that 90% of healthcare workers are at risk when donning and doffing PPE?

Blue Mirror AI improves infection control and minimises the spread of infections by reducing errors when donning and doffing PPE.

The observational AI tool automatically assesses and corrects errors in your team’s PPE application. Operating through a wall-mounted tablet, Blue Mirror AI replaces your traditional PPE buddy and checks for errors in donning and doffing PPE.

The system can also be used in training mode, helping to train medical students and refresh the knowledge of clinicians. Canterbury District Health Board have been using Blue Mirror for donning and doffing PPE training, read the full review online >

Blue Mirror AI was developed in New Zealand, by clinicians, for clinicians.

CorrMed is proud to be the approved UK distributor for the software and the last year has seen many exciting developments for the partnership, let’s recap the highlights!

There have now been 3 successful UK Blue Mirror evaluations, these have taken place in different hospital environments across the UK and typically headed up by the IPC nurse manager. Here is a recent Blue Mirror review from an IPC nurse manager >

It would be an honour to have one poster in the lifetime of a business accepted at IPS but to have one in the first year of working in the UK is something we’re incredibly proud of.

Our first key industry leader poster for Blue Mirror was accepted and presented at IPS, in the last year and can be found here >

Working closely with our software developers we have launched a new AI for HCID team to train on MAXAIR, with Blue Mirror you’re not restricted to what your PPE is monitored on, the software can be tailored. MAXAIR was new to the team and to the UK, to train AI on a completely new system is challenging but by working together using videos the new AI for Blue Mirror was developed and launched.

We are thrilled to say that Blue Mirror has been chosen for NHSE/I Midlands IPC Innovation fund. This` is a huge honour and is only possible due to the collaboration with NHS partners and continued joint desire to explore the potential benefits of Blue Mirror out in the community and not just within an acute hospital setting. The project will focus on the economic benefits of Blue Mirror as well as measuring the improved learning and memory retention on PPE protocols.

Blue Mirror has received 100% user recommendation from evaluations in the UK and you can read just some of the feedback here >

You can also view all Blue Mirror case studies on our website >

CorrMed have seen Blue Mirror AI utilised through multiple customers across varied healthcare settings and continue to grow these relationships whilst making new connections.

PPE is the frontline in infection control, so common errors unfortunately help spread infection from person to person. Correcting donning and doffing PPE errors therefore easily mitigates much of the infection risk and improves overall control within the environment, benefitting your staff and patients alike.

Blue Mirror AI not only improves infection control but saves time, money and resource as well as provide a solution to improve PPE training.

For more information on Blue Mirror and to see it in action, please follow the link >


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