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Twin Cylinder Backpack

Twin Cylinder Backpack for emergency services paramedics 

The CorrMed Twin Cylinder Backpack is a highly versatile bag. Designed from the same backpack as the First Responder Oxygen Backpack, the versatile design means you can use the the same backpack two ways. 

  • with the pouches, you have an ideal First Responder Backpack

  • remove the pouches, you have the space and internal covered elastics to hold two cylinders in place

This twin backpack was requested by our Search and Rescue teams who often have a long and difficult terrain to travel over as patients are recovered, meaning additional Oxygen or Entonox might be required. 

The design of our cylinder bags includes external windows access points, enabling the cylinder to be used whilst being transported. 

The bag is made from a foil for inside the bag, and externally we use a heavy-duty tarpaulin (Tarpex) in a 500-denier material weight, making it extremely durable and wipe clean. 


Key Features

  • Heavy-duty, high quality materials

  • Accommodates two cylinders, if required

  • Tamperproof and waterproof zips 

  • External access points for in transit use of cylinders

  • 100% Infection Control design

We are very proud

of what we’ve worked

on alongside CorrMed

and believe the National Response & National Medicines bag will make a huge difference to the industry.

Matt Gibson, Elite EMS

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