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St Georges Pharmacy

CorrMed Porta Thermal Vaccine Bag has proven invaluable to frontline teams over the Covid-19 pandemic.

The importance of feedback

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

This week we received the most encouraging piece of feedback from one of our customers. There’s no denying that the past 20 months have put us all through our paces, not least the staff on the front line of the vaccination program. At CorrMed we are driven to find workable solutions for hurdles in medical settings. It is something we are all very passionate about and are always looking forward, improving our offering on a daily basis.

It isn’t often that we get to pause and reflect on a job well done but this feedback has given us reason to do just that, and what a lift it is.

We received the following feedback from the St George’s Pharmacy in London:

"We are covid vaccination site in London. We placed an order with CorrMed as we had to get more Pfizer vaccines via mutual aid from another site. CorrMed were very helpful in getting the bag delivered within 2 days, in time for us to collect the vaccine before we run out. They even sent me instructions on how to best to load the bag. The bag is perfect and did the job of maintaining the temperature between 2-8 'c. I would certainly recommend them to anyone."

The CorrMed Porta Thermal Vaccine Bag has proven invaluable to so many teams in covid vaccination settings nationwide, overcoming issues presented by specific temperature control needs and, as in the case above, last minute safe transportation. We are proud to be able to come to your aid on the front line and always endeavour to provide a full and friendly service.

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