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Redditch 4X4 Assistance

Emergency Assistance organisation uses CorrMed medical bags to support their work.

Redditch 4 x 4 Assistance is an Emergency Roadside Assistance organisation, which uses their 4 x 4 vehicles to help NHS, care and frontline workers to get to work.  When extreme weather hits, be it floods, ice or snow, these frontline workers still need to make it to their place of work to help those in need.  This is where the team at Redditch 4 x 4 assistance can help.

Jordan Chart and his team have supported CorrMed and Coldcroft Shires on their recent challenge to travel 630 miles from home in Gloucestershire to Morayshire in Scotland, raising vital funds  and awareness for Police Care UK and The Fire Fighters Charity.  They helped us to slow the busy traffic, so that Jamie, Willam and Millie could safely make their way through some of the busier stretches in the Worcestershire area.  As a way of thanking the team for their help & support, CorrMed donated one of their medical bags to the team.  The CorrMed medical bags  have been designed with infection control at their core, so are easily wiped clean, velcro-free and made with heavy duty components to help durability out in the field.

Jordan says “this is an amazing vehicle unit that fits all necessary kit with easy access to all compartments. The quality of the bag and wipe clean material is brilliant”

For more information on the medical bags from CorrMed visit our website or talk to our team

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