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Improved morale with bespoke medical bags

Bespoke Medical Bag from CorrMed Improved Morale at North Middlesex University Hospitals NHST

CorrMed provided an innovative, bespoke set of medical bag to North Middlesex University Hospitals NHS Trust, tailored to meet the needs of their Children's Community Team. This collaboration addressed the key challenges faced by their healthcare professionals, with a focus on increasing efficiency, organisation, and patient safety. The team at NHST also purchased a number of additional medical bags from the CorrMed range, to complement the roll-out.

The CorrMed team provided a demonstration of our 100% IPC compliant medical bags, and the variety of features which they could have. This hands-on experience proved to be a valuable aspect of the collaboration and played a pivotal role in shaping their preferences and needs. For example, the kneeling mat emerged as a standout feature, with the team unanimously praising its functionality at the demonstration and now utilising this feature daily. Beyond providing comfort, it also serves as a convenient area for preparing dressing packs. 

Anne Biggs, Matron for the Children’s Community Nurses at North Middlesex University Hospitals NHS Trust, said “What a boost to the team’s morale to receive our supply of CorrMed bags! They will reduce wastage, reduce time by using the grab bags, reduce trips back to base/boot. [I’m] really impressed with the quality and design especially the knee pads. I personally feel proud to be able to give them to new staff, and feel it invests in them and keeps a professional look and way of working in the community.”

CorrMed's collaboration with North Middlesex NHST showcases a commitment to providing solutions that address real-world challenges faced by healthcare professionals, streamlining healthcare delivery in the community.

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