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Feedback From Elite EMS

Elite EMS provide clinical input in the production of our Response & Medicines Bag.

Matt Gibson, Clinical Lead and General Manager at Elite EMS, kindly sent us this feedback;


"We started working with CorrMed after meeting at the Emergency Services Show 2021. We have been looking for a good quality, durable and well-designed Response & Medicines Bag for a few years.


We worked with CorrMed from start to finish on both bags and have provided the Clinical input whilst the R&D team have come up with fantastic ideas on how the bag will work in the most efficient and practical way.

We’ve been involved in all decisions and reviewed the National bags at every stage so we could make any necessary adjustments.


We are very proud of what we’ve worked on alongside CorrMed and believe the National Response & National Medicines bag will make a huge difference to the industry. The reduction in time for the Make Ready team and the Clinical team will be second to none."

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