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Enhancing Patient Care at Home

CorrMed’s medical bags earn praise from staff at Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust Hospital at Home Team

Impressed by CorrMed's medical bags, showcased at the Wound Care Today Conference in March, Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, Hospital at Home team decided to purchase the bags for themselves, kitting out their 40 staff with medical bags.

The decision to invest in CorrMed's bags was driven by several key advantages, including their wipeable material and adherence to infection control standards. This was crucial for the team as their service involves frequent home visits, demanding a hygienic storage solution. The IPC compliant medical bags minimise the risk of spreading bacteria during patient interactions, enhancing both patient and staff safety.

Additionally, the lightweight design addressed the team’s practical challenge of carrying medicine and equipment between home visits, providing a convenient transportation solution. With the bags taking up little room in a car boot, its compact design allows for more efficient use of space, crucial for a service where mobility is paramount. It also enables quick and easy removal of equipment, returning staff members cars to personal use when they are not working.

Another feature that significantly contributes to the utility of CorrMed's bags was the colour-coordinated and labelled pouches. This organisational system enables staff to categorise and separate their stock easily, streamlining the process of assessing and selecting the necessary items for a patient visit, as well as knowing quickly and easily when stock needs to be replenished, enhancing overall efficiency.

CorrMed's collaboration with Mid and South Essex NHSFT Hospital at Home showcases another successful integration of tailored solutions for a 'hospital at home' service. The bags, with their wipeable surfaces, IPC compliance, lightweight nature, and organisational features, have proven to be a valuable asset in enhancing patient care in the community healthcare setting.

To hear what Hayley Cross, Interim Operational Manager for Hospital at Home / OPAT Service at Mid and South Essex NHSFT, had to say about Corrmed medical bags, watch the video below.

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