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Customised Bag for East London NHSFT Children's Community Nursing Team

CorrMed collaborated with East London NHSFT Children's Community Nursing team to create a customised bag that meets their specific needs.

At CorrMed, we have recently collaborated with the East London NHSFT Children’s Community Nursing team (CCNT) to create a customised bag that meets their specific needs. The CCNT team chose CorrMed as a leading provider of medical bags, selecting us for our expertise in designing bags that are  are wipeable to support infection control, comfortable, and adaptable, meeting medical practitioner’s individual requirements.

The CCNT team work with children who require complex care at home or in the community. They needed a bag that could carry all the necessary equipment and supplies in a compact and practical way. CorrMed was able to create a bag that could keep their equipment secure and organised by utilising a system of smaller pouches and sections, which are better suited to the smaller equipment required for children’s medical care, facilitating a more streamlined service.

Emily Guilmant-Farry RNC BSc(hons), Community Children’s Matron in Newham, ELFT said: “The team chose the CorrMed bag over others we trialled, because of its versatility, lightweight design, and its multi-option combination of pouches to suit each team’s needs.

“They were able to adapt this inside and out, so that pouches can be used independently (with a cross-body strap) or as part of the larger kit.

“The result is a professional-looking team, who can carry equipment and supplies to meet all eventualities, but in a compact, practical way, whether they be on foot or visiting by car.”

CorrMed’s bags are made from high-quality materials that are durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and resistant to bacteria and viruses. They also have ergonomic features that make them comfortable to carry and use.

Their range of bags are designed for different purposes, such as emergency response, vaccination, community nursing, and more. They also provide customisation options for their clients, such as logos.

Katie Houghton, Managing Director of CorrMed says, “I’m delighted with the response that we have had to these new community nursing bags, and to be able to design a bag that is specifically suited to children’s community nursing. We design our bags with the user in mind and take advice and direction from those on the frontline, which means that we actually get to solve the problems that they are experiencing.”

CorrMed is proud to support the healthcare sector with our innovative and reliable medical bags, working closely with our clients, like Children’s Community Nursing teams, to understand their needs and challenges and provide solutions that enhance their performance and satisfaction. For your own bespoke bag solution, please contact our team on +44 (0) 1452 830269.

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