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Bespoke Bag Design for Institute of Manufacturing

A collaborative project with the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University, designing a new medical bag.

CorrMed is proud to have successfully delivered a bespoke design project for The Institute for Manufacturing (IFM) to create a medical bag suitable for their client. The project required a UK and IPC-compliant medical bag that met the specific needs of the IFM team, whilst retaining 100% infection control.

In creating this new product, we worked closely with IFM clinicians to craft a medical bag that was lightweight, versatile, and provided individual pouches as well as different carry options. The bag needed to accommodate precious and sensitive equipment that demand utmost protection.

What stood out to IFM about CorrMed was our experience and, specifically, our traditional rapid pre-prototype process. This means we create real 3D samples using paper and cardboard, as opposed to just a digital, software model.

This is a critical phase in our design process, as it allows our end user to interact with the prototype in real-time and provide immediate feedback. With a physical sample, users can properly examine if their requirements, as gathered in the initial planning phase, have been met. For IFM, we created multiple 3D models in order to refine the design quickly and accurately. After this, we can accommodate any amendments necessary to progress to a real sample for field testing.

We prefer this long-standing methodology due to its many benefits, including quicker design turnover and enhanced creativity, and we have found that this method results in increased user satisfaction. It was this part of the CorrMed design process that the IFM team really appreciated about us.

The manufactured prototypes have been field tested for over a year in extreme environments, where high-standard cleaning protocols are essential, as well as dealing with rough terrain and intense heat. The feedback from the IFM team has been overwhelmingly positive, and they have praised the quality, durability, and functionality of the CorrMed medical bag. They have also reported that the bag has improved their efficiency and effectiveness in delivering care to their patients.

Professor James Moultrie, Senior Lecturer of Design Management at the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University commented: “We instantly recognised the skill and experience offered by Brian and his team at CorrMed and found them to be innovative, responsive, and very straightforward. We have recommended them as the ongoing design and manufacturing team to our client, and would happily work with CorrMed again for any future projects.”

We are delighted to have collaborated with IFM on this project, and we are proud of the outcome that we have achieved together. If you need a bespoke medical bag to increase your team efficiency, contact CorrMed, specialists in medical bags and infection control on +44(0)1452 830269.

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