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Successful partnership ready to launch air purification & vaccine bags

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

The team at CorrMed and Banner Group have a long standing working relationship dating back to 2014, having worked for many years delivering medical bags.

Banner, part of the EVO Group, are well known as the go-to experts in workplace supplies, whether it be Cleaning & Hygiene, Furniture or Office supplies for many in education, health and general office and are a key strategic supplier on a number of OJEU compliant public sector frameworks including NHS Supply Chain.

CorrMed’s skills are very much aligned to infection control and industry leading safety products. Katie Houghton, MD, has an established reputation of supplying quality infection control systems and Brian Arnott, Chief Designer, brings a wealth of experience in design and manufacturing. Combined they have 60 years of relevant experience working in UK and internationally.

In recent times during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Banner worked quickly and decisively with NHS Supply Chain to establish needs and source the right CorrMed medical bags suitable for the highly sensitive environment.

Within days a range of CorrMed products were presented to NHS Supply Chain, selections made by the Procurement Teams responsible for the Nightingale Hospitals and delivery made to the relevant clinical teams. Over 300 CorrMed medical bags were supplied to NHS Nightingale which needed to be supplied rapidly, to ensure all the additional beds and surrounding operations were appropriately set up in time for a peak in the pandemic.

The CorrMed infection control medical bag was ultimately chosen delivering the essential infection control requirements including wipe clean, velcro-free, antibacterial materials, as well as important individual compartments and storage areas as required by so many community nurses.

Katie Houghton, Managing Director for CorrMed says “The medical bags chosen had a unique design aspect, to ensure clean and contaminated areas can be separated and flexible handling was available whether grab handles, shoulder strap or belted attachments. This was the perfect solution to support the NHS Nightingale teams and we were delighted to be chosen as the medical bag delivery partner alongside Banner.”

Today the two businesses continue in their partnership, adapting to support a new phase of the COVID-19 response. CorrMed has been working hard behind the scenes to enhance their vaccine carry bags required by GPs and community medical teams to deliver temperature sensitive flu vaccines. Updated product designs have been independently tested for their insulating properties and manufacturing has been ramped up to prepare for the increased demand.

In addition, AIRsteril UV Air purification technology is now available to order through Banner. Capable of killing 99.9% of pathogens in the air and surfaces and working 24/7, the AIRsteril is safe for use in occupied areas, has the added benefit of killing unpleasant odours and thus is a perfect tool for use in education, healthcare, offices and all general washrooms.

Michael Kehoe, Public Sector and Health Sales Manager for Banner UK says: “I have been delighted to work with CorrMed over the last few years and most recently on the recent NHS Nightingale project and am really excited to launch AIRsteril air purification and the new Porta Thermal Vaccine bags to our customers through NHS Supply Chain or on a non-stock delivery basis ready for the months ahead.”

Katie Houghton, Managing Director for CorrMed says ‘Safety and Infection Control are key principles for our business. Today the two businesses enjoy a highly successful partnership and have been really providing the tools necessary for schools to open up, office workers to return to work and healthcare workers to manage the intensified flu campaign planned for this Autumn.“


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