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CorrMed Sponsor Shire Horse Charity Drive for Third Year

Last year we were so proud to be the main sponsors for the Coldcroft Shires Challenge.

A journey that took over 20 days to complete, covered almost 300 miles and raised a total of £6,000 for charity.

This year Jamie, with his two Shire horses Willam and Millie along with farm dogs Boo Boo Beithe and Mr Chips are embarking on yet another big adventure and CorrMed are thrilled to be part of the action once more!

Raising money for Police Care UK, The Royal Air Forces Association and The Samaritans they will be journeying from Coldcroft Farm to Newent via Gloucester, Worcester and Hereford Cathedrals by Shire horse and carriage

CorrMed’s MD, Katie, is married to Jamie who runs the Coldcroft Shires Challenge. Jamie’s brother, a serving police officer, sustained horrific injuries whilst on duty with the Royal Protection Unit at the Balmoral Estate back in 2003. He spent 14 years in a coma before passing away in 2017.

The support that him and his young family received over the period, from his Police Force and the Police charity, was enormous. His mission is to help put funds back into their pot so that they can carry on helping other police officers and the wider police community when they are in need.

You can read Jamie’s story behind the challenge online >

And the other charities he is supporting in this years drive >

CorrMed is providing emergency medical bags for transporting equipment and veterinary supplies throughout the journey.

To follow Jamie’s journey in real time please see the dedicated Follow My Challenge map >

You can follow their adventures through the eyes (or mouth) of Willam and Millie who document their daily findings on social media:

Instagram > @ColdcroftShires

Facebook > Coldcroft Shires


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