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CorrMed partners with leading UK manufacturer Labcold

CorrMed is delighted to announce that Labcold, a leading UK manufacturer of medical and laboratory refrigeration will be distributing CorrMed’s Porta Thermal vaccine transportation bags and accessories.

Labcold is a key supplier of pharmacy refrigeration across the NHS. They manufacture an Advanced range, ideal for bulk storage in hospital pharmacies and the innovative IntelliCold range comprising of fridges ranging from 36 to 543 litre capacity, all powered by a unique touchscreen controller with 24/7 temperature recording and a 5-year warranty.

CorrMed’s Porta Thermal vaccine bags are designed to give GPs and Pharmacists the tools they need to transport vaccines safely for home and care home visits. Available in a range of sizes from 3 to 30 litres, Porta Thermal vaccine bags are robustly constructed using antimicrobial materials with wipe clean surfaces, designed to give the extra infection control that vaccinating during a pandemic demands. Coolant blocks and gel packs are also available to complement the thermal efficacy of the vaccine bags.

CorrMed bags are used by NHS England, NHS Nightingale Hospitals, ambulance services and laboratories. They are the final and often forgotten link in the cold chain from fridge to arm. By becoming a distributor of CorrMed Porta Thermal vaccine bags, Labcold is, therefore, now able to offer customers a complete vaccine cold chain solution.

For more information on any of the Labcold products please visit their website


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