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Polaris Medical

Polaris Medical, are a Frontline Emergency Ambulance provider for many NHS Ambulance Services in the south east of England. With an extensive fleet, experience across a variety of sectors and being local to CorrMed HQ, the team were so pleased to have their valued input and feedback on this new range of bags.

Tim Stokes-Richardson, Head of Clinical Operations at Polaris Medical had this to say;


“The attention to detail shown by the CorrMed team and their extensive design and manufacture experience has really shone through on this project.

In a matter of just a few months they have designed a new Medicines bag and a Clinical response bag. Both these paramedic bags are going to save time for front line paramedics as well as make ready teams.


At last, we have a bag that is fit for purpose for equipment layout, weight and size as well as the increasingly important infection control.

The National Response bag is a game changer for the UK paramedic teams. As front-line paramedics we have needed a bag like this for many years.

There is everything in this Response bag that we would carry, in a better layout and which fits in our Ambulance space. This bag also covers an airway bag, ALS pouches, first Aid and BVM.”

Tim at Polaris & Brian
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