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Bacteria Reduction at a Beef Slaughter Plant

Microbiological standards within slaughter processing plants in the European Union are currently governed by Commission Regulation (EC) 2073/2005, which describes detailed performance criteria at specific stages of the procedure (following carcass dressing) for total viable counts (TVC), Enterobacteriaceae (EB) and Salmonella spp.


In this study, 18 carcasses from a beef slaughter plant were sampled by swabbing after slaughter and after 48 hours chilling, with 9 beef carcasses in a chiller containing AIRsteril technology and 9 in an untreated control chiller.


Significant reductions in TVC for all carcasses after chilling in the treated chiller, but no marked difference in TVC levels on carcasses within the untreated chiller.

Results show that contamination can be significantly reduced at various steps in the process and highlight the importance of monitoring locations other than those required by legislation within the process.


AIRsteril technology can have a beneficial effect on spoilage bacteria on food throughout the food chain. Our technology is effective on airborne and surface bacteria and is safe to use in occupied areas.

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