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AIRsteril Custom Vehicle unit

Vehicles are the workhorses of many businesses, be it vans, lorries, or cars. They can be used by multiple employees in any given week and carry multiple loads of the same or different materials. Turnaround time is short, which means that cab and trailer cleanliness can be low-priority, despite obvious benefits in terms of odour control, cross-contamination, and infection management. The Custom Vehicle Unit from AIRsteril provides a cost-effective, simple solution to managing these problems and more, offering 24/7 coverage of all your vehicles, without any increased need for deep cleaning. In fact, many of the businesses that use AIRsteril in their vehicle fleets are actually able to reduce their cleaning schedule while improving staff safety, and reducing cross-contamination between loads. 


The Custom Vehicle Unit is installed within each vehicle using four fixed points, to provide 24/7 coverage for your vehicle. It then uses the unique combination of six AIRsteril technologies to:

  • manage bacteria, viruses and pathogens within the vehicle. This can help protect the health of your employees and manage the spread of illness from employee to employee

  • eliminate odours produced by bacteria, or by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by the loads, to create a clean, fresh, purified air environment. As well as being good for your employees, this also helps prevent one load from transmitting odours to the next load, improving your commercial reputation without the need for additional cleaning

  • extend the time between cleans giving your vehicle more time on the road

  • eliminates the odours associated with transported goods in the vehicle; waste, recycling, laundry and food

  • deliver chemical-free cleaning of hard and soft surfaces, extending the life of the soft furnishings within the vehicle

  • destroys mould and fungi, to create a clean, fresh environment

  • provides a sanitary, sterile environment which is particularly important for specialist loads such as medical supplies and food, as well as for client transportation e.g. taxis.

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for installation in vehicles with an anti-vibration plate

  • Complete management of odours and pathogens

  • Combines 6 air sterilisation technologies 

  • No chemical or moisture residue after use

  • Extends the life of the vehicle interior and can reduce the need for internal cleaning

  • Requires an annual service and lamp change.

More about the model:

The core difference between the Custom Vehicle Unit and others in the AIRsteril range is the anti-vibration, robust design, specifically adapted to withstand the increased wear and tear associated with working vehicles. It comes in a 12V or 24V model and has been adapted to ensure that it does not draw power when the vehicle is running, to prevent battery drainage.

Improve vehicle sanitation and reduce contamination in commercial fleets with AIRsteril Custom Vehicle Unit

Suitable for:

The Custom Vehicle Unit can be installed in any vehicle at all, including within a van, or the trailer. Its uses are largely limitless to support staff safety, improve vehicle cleanliness and prevent contamination and odour between loads. We have specifically seen it used in the following scenarios, although it is not limited to these:

  • by laundry vehicles to prevent dirty laundry collections from contaminating clean laundry deliveries

  • for multi-use vehicles to prevent odours and volatile organic compounds from contaminating the next load

  • in taxis, minibuses and coaches to provide a hygienic, clean and fresh environment for all passengers

  • for vehicles used in waste collection or for high-odour loads, to completely eliminate the odours 

  • for vehicles carrying loads which require sanitary conditions such as those transferring medical supplies, or ambulances transferring patients

  • for vehicles carrying food and perishable items where hygiene is of paramount importance

  • for long-haul vehicles where odours (e.g. smoke, sweat etc.) can linger.


  • External Dimensions (L x W X D): 470mm x 140mm x 120mm (175mm wide including mounting plate)

  • Unit weight: 2kg

  • Power supply: 12, 18, or 24 watt options

  • Installed with four fixed points using the anti-vibration mounting plate provided

  • Exterior: Anodised aluminium, solid extrusion (vandal resistant)

  • Operation: continuous use while the vehicle is running.

Infection risk management in schools with AIRsteril

Health and Safety:

  • AIRsteril technologies have been extensively tried and tested to ensure maximum safety for your teams. Their design is market-leading, and the units combine more technologies than other air purification brands, to deliver the highest possible results from the unit. Specific Health & Safety measures include:

  • A sealed design to ensure 

  • UV light cannot escape the unit at any angle or be emitted into the room

  • the fan cannot be reached or touched accidentally

  • a single annual service to change the lamp and clean the unit

  • cables fully contained inside the unit to protect against moisture.

  • Ozone and other technology levels used are all in line with or less than the most stringent emission and safety regulations worldwide, including all British standards.

Improve vehicle sanitation and reduce contamination in commercial fleets with AIRsteril Custom Vehicle Unit

Benefits of using AIRsteril:

Control bacteria and viruses in the air and on all exposed surfaces. A study found 99.9% of bacteria and viruses were undetectable in just 60 minutes

Improve infection control and hygiene standards

Reduce absenteeism and labour costs

Improve your business image and reputation, particularly in light of COVID-19

Clear embarrassing odours and eliminate the need for masking agents

Extend the life of carpets and soft furnishings

Protect staff and visitors alike.

Additional Information:

CorrMed is the leading UK distributor for the AIRsteril range and has successfully planned and installed a large number of air sterilisation systems. The business also has more than 20 years’ experience in infection control product development, giving us not only a unique insight into the AIRsteril range, but also how the range can support in infection control delivery. Read more +

Improve vehicle sanitation and reduce contamination in commercial fleets with AIRsteril Custom Vehicle Unit
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