What We Do

Business Consulting

CorrMed Consulting provides expert consultancy services in a variety of disciplines supporting business plans, strategic direction, sales growth, product development and operational efficiency.

We are passionate about business, so if you are looking for help from a dynamic group of business experts with experience in both start-ups and corporate, and extensive knowledge of the healthcare market, you are in the right place. 

We have worked successfully for clients based in the UK and internationally. 


How CorrMed Business Consulting can help you: 

  • Research and writing your business plan, or act as an advisor on your existing strategy.
  • Through our partners, providing corporate finance advice in order to raise investment
  • Produce robust sales and marketing plans, using direct sales force, resellers and an extensive distribution network
  • Test these same sales and marketing plans using our own skilled team, thus ensuring plans work in practice
  • Supporting product development strategy providing our expert insight
  • Lead on market research with Key Opinion Leaders and Advisors
  • Technical advice for deploying and managing software into NHS


Product & Software Sales

The team at CorrMed have a long history working as sales and marketing with both medical devices and software. Our team of sales and marketers will work to launch your product into the healthcare market and bring you instant revenue, without the need for your own expensive headcount.

CorrMed have already been chosen partners by Visiba Care, Earways, Virtualeyze, AirSteril and CorrMed Medical Bags. The CorrMed team will undertake direct sales as well as recruit and manage distributors for export.