VirtualEyze - Virtual Reality Training Solutions

Offers Immersive Virtual Reality training solutions. Developed to provide supportive and realistic training, in an enhanced 360 degree CGI digital and video learning environment.  

The solution is 100% immersive. There are no distractions from colleagues, mobile phones, mental to-do lists, as the student is

completely immersed in the virtual, CGI computer generated imaging.

Why us:

What sets Virtualeyze apart is our ability to incorporate 360 degree videos into the interactive gaming technology, giving high resolution, real immersive training experiences via the headsets and with no tethering to laptops or PCs.

  • We offer a truly mobile experience.
  • Training scenes using your people and in your environment

Interactive gaming functionality enables training assessor to complete a full learning circle: Training, Assessment, Evaluation, Validation.

Who are we:

Virtualeyze has been developed using skills and experience gained from the military, videography, computer gaming and healthcare education.

Lead by our technical architects, the Virtualeyze platform enables fast delivery of the CGI gaming and 360 degree video training, in an untethered headset.

Our technical architects are supported by a team of product managers, clinical advisors and education specialists, all of whom ensure the technology enhances the students learning environment whilst also supporting an efficient learning delivery and assessment for the tutor.   

What we offer:

Bespoke Build

Focussed on healthcare, we are developing product launch and bespoke training environment for universities, CCG, NHS trust and private companies. Our team will develop a bespoke system for you.


  • Storyboard the learning journey
  • Video live 360 degree environments – making this bespoke for your team
  • Develop unique interactive check points to test learning
  • Library of training virtual rooms: hospital, GP, public settings
  • Fully managed voice recording

Revenue Share

Partner with CorrMed. We will not only build your VR training environment, but share profits

Should you build VR training who others might benefit from, we’ll happily partner with you to promote the module to other interested organisations, thus giving an ongoing revenue through a profit share.

Pre-built Training Module

  • Hand Hygiene
    • This will be launched at IPS 2018 in Glasgow. Come and visit us on the stand to get a glimpse of what is available.