Katie Houghton


"Experienced Health Care IT executive.  I have experienced first hand her ability to understand Health Care issues, opportunities and the solutions she has developed. Extremely networked globally in the world of Health Care IT with connections in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and NZ. I have seen the business benefit of this network. A rare leader who can move seamlessly between discussions with clinicians and the clinical issues they want to solve and IT professionals and the solutions technology can deliver. Priceless."


Pat Beyer, President International at ConMed Corporation

Michael Corr


"A seasoned senior executive in Healthcare. Experienced in a number of healthcare systems, working in multi-international organisations and start-up companies. Michael brings strong leadership particularly in the sales and marketing aspect of business development and customer success.

Michael has managed large and small teams to gain maximum results both in medical devices and medical software offerings.

Michael’s ability to “get buy in” to help everybody see the common goal, then to encompass this into a vision with very clear agreed milestones, is at the very heart of Michaels achievements to date.

If Michael is involved in an investment opportunity I am considering, the likelihood for me to invest is dramatically increased."


Frank Dilazzaro, Senior Vice President, The GID Group