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Livewell Southwest

Increased efficiency is observed within their Community Nursing teams.

Michelle Freeman

Directorate Manager - Community Nursing

Livewell Southwest


"We’re delighted to have the Community Stock Bags for our Community teams. It is clear the bags have been designed by community nursing teams and specialist medical bag designers as they show innovation, quality, and flexibility to adjust to the needs of our different teams.


The manual handling and health and safety at work will be greatly improved with the CorrMed kneeling mat as well as the lightweight nature to the bags with so many flexible carrying options such as backpack straps and the option for a trolley.


The design and bespoke logo will provide a professional image.


The efficiencies we will get from a more organised stock transport system will also be a huge benefit, reducing unnecessary ‘return to base’ travel, reducing stock wastage and improving time efficiency as the relevant supplies are easy to find."

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