Key Features:

  • Size: 370mm x 210mm x 270mm

  • 4 external & 3 internal wipe-clean pouches

  • Infection control design for maximum protection against airborne and surface contamination

  • heavy-duty, quality, anti-infection materials.


The Community Medical Bag

Selected for use in NHS Nightingale Hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic, CorrMed UK’s community medical bag has been designed with optimum infection-control principals. The bag can be used to transport medical supplies and equipment out in the field by paramedics and nurses, or within hospital and clinical environments too. 


The design builds on years of extensive experience in the medical field and has been developed to provide maximum relevance in a clinical environment, with the flexibility to adapt and enhance for your specific needs. As well as stress-testing at the point of manufacture, these designs have also been extensively used in the field, in day-to-day clinical environments and home visits, by district nurses, medics and clinicians. 


This universal medical bag features internal and external pouches to enable strict separation of sterile and contaminated items, and is fully manufactured from wipe-clean materials to prevent cross-infection. It features an extensively padded interior to protect stored equipment and withstand regular knocks. It is ideal for internal and external environments, for paramedics and medics in the community, as well as hospital clinical teams. It can be carried by hand or with a removable shoulder strap for maximum health and safety. 


Size / Dimensions:  

  • Weight: 1.8kg

  • Size: 370mm x 210mm x 270mm

  • Colour: dark blue


Relevant for medical environments:

  • Large capacity with extensive elastic ampoule holders included a padded isotherm ampoule holder

  • 4 zipped, transparent external pouches

  • 3 zipped, transparent, colour-coded internal pouches

  • 1 internal, isothermal, padded pouch

  • 6 internal, removable, padded dividers

  • Large document pocket for paper & identification

  • Fully padded for maximum durability and protection

  • NHS Nightingale approved.


Infection Prevention Features:

  • Materials are wipe clean and waterproof

  • Removable interior for easy cleaning

  • Manufactured with anti-bacterial lining

  • Internal PVC lid for maximum protection against airborne contamination

  • Internal (3) and external (4) pouches to enable separation of sterile and dirty items

  • Velcro-free design

  • Public Health England and equivalent standards


Medical Bag Durability:

  • 420D Nylon Fabric

  • YKK metal waterproof zips 

  • Metal fittings & buckles


Health & Safety:

  • Single padded hand grip for carrying

  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap with padding

  • Adjustable and removable belt 

  • Quick release buckle fittings

  • Fully padded design. 


Additional Information:

CorrMed has more than 20 years’ experience in infection control product development. We are ISO9001 certified, as is our quality manufacturer, and our bag designer has been creating medical bag designs for over 40 years. We also manufacture a range of Cold Chain Vaccine Bags, and offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service. Read more +

Universal Medical Infection Control Bag