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Key Features:

  • clear PVC medical pouch with colour coded strips

  • 220mm x 170mm x 70mm (yellow, blue, red, green) or 300mm x 230mm x 50mm (grey)

  • sterilisable design with punch holes for anti-tamper seals

  • exceeds CQC / Public Health England infection control standards

  • approved for NHS use

  • grey, yellow, blue, red or green colour options.


Colour coded, clear PVC Medical Pouches 

Optimised for secure transportation of medicines and medical items, the CorrMed medical pouches feature heavy-duty studded holes for security seals. Small and lightweight, these medical pouches are manufactured from high quality, wipe-clean, clear PVC material, which combined with the coloured strips incorporated into the design, enable swift and simple identification of contents. Although they are large enough to be used on their own, these pouches are most commonly used to fit inside medical bags, helping provide additional separation of bag contents.  


Designed for use on the go by community nurses, paramedics, EMTs, rescue teams, and first aiders, the CorrMed Medical Pouches can be fully sterilised without damage and have been extensively road tested by medical teams across the UK. There are five colours which can be independently purchased here (grey, yellow, blue, red or green), or you may prefer our five-pouch set which includes one of each colour. All our range, including these medical pouches, have been approved for NHS use and are available through NHS supply chain, NHS purchase orders, or via our website. 


Size / Dimensions:  

  • Lightweight: 0.1kgs

  • Size: 220mm x 170mm x 70mm (green, red, blue, yellow) OR 300mm x 230mm x 50mm (grey)

  • Colour: Grey


Relevant for medical environments:

  • Approved for NHS use in the UK

  • Fully sterilisable design

  • Clear PVC with colour coding for easy identification of contents

  • Incorporated Velcro for positioning inside larger medical bags

  • Studded holes for security seals.


Infection Prevention Features:

  • Clear, wipe-clean and sterilisable PVC

  • Meets Public Health England, CQC, and equivalent standards


Medical Pouch Durability:

  • Heavy duty clear PVC


Health & Safety:

  • Velcro for holding in position inside medical bags

  • Coloured sides and clear front for content identification


Additional Information:

CorrMed has more than 20 years’ experience in infection control product development. We are ISO9001 certified, as is our quality manufacturer, and our bag designer has been creating medical bag designs for over 40 years. We also manufacture a range of Cold Chain Vaccine Bags, and offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service. Read more +

Medical Pouch - Grey

SKU: 8180R1RGY
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