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Research and Development – The CorrMed Way

Late 2021/early 2022 has been an exciting time for the CorrMed R&D team, designing completely bespoke medical bags for use by UK NHS and Private Ambulance Service. Our design process has been thorough and personal, starting with meeting the clients and end users over several weeks to fully understand their needs; how they use the bags, requirements for size and weight and how equipment should be stored to be accessed easily when needed.

It is essential that we thoroughly understand dimensions, weights, and optimum positioning of the paramedic kit at the primary stages, and it remains at the heart of the CorrMed design process.

We then issued a comprehensive set of drawings to show how the bags will function to best support the users and meet both usability and ergonomic requirements. We took the time to check and re-check the fit for our clients who are often in high pressure situations when using the bags and need to trust that the contents of their paramedic kit bag are reliable and accessible.

We were then able to produce pre-prototype samples of the paramedic kit bag, so that the client could see, touch, and test the function of bags before a full prototype was created with all the chosen materials and fixings.

We have received extraordinarily positive feedback so far and welcome you to contact us to arrange a demonstration. We have a new National Clinical Response Bag and a National Medicines Bag available to view with appointments being arranged from mid-February.


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