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Paramedic Bags

Our new range of medical bags will be launching soon (keep an eye on our website and social media) and will include a range of paramedic bags, suitable for emergency medical services.

What makes this new range of paramedic bags unique, is the design process; working paramedics as well as make ready teams have been consulted throughout the design process. This was to ensure the new paramedic bags are robust enough to live up to day-to-day clinical use and provide efficiencies for both front line paramedics and make ready teams.

Our new range includes a selection of paramedic bags where particular attention has been paid to the user requirements and infection control.

The bags are lightweight but the materials are very heavy-duty. This is to ensure durability and compliance with health and safety standards for manual handing.

These paramedic bags are also designed to meet Public Health England and equivalent standards, ensuring optimised infection control properties with wipe clean and waterproof materials.

Usability is equally important when designing a new equipment bag. This new range are all practical sizes and offer efficient internal layouts, with netting, elastics and colour coded pouches for clear identification.

Our design partners are delighted with what we have created as they enable excellent efficiencies for paramedics and make ready teams. .

We understand the flexibility and versatility that paramedics must show on a daily basis, so we have designed our new paramedic bags with a variety of carry options; from adjustable and padded backpack straps and shoulder straps to moulded grab handles – ensuring even the most petite paramedic can safely (and comfortably) carry these new paramedic bags.

Our new range of paramedic bags have been designed as a direct result of requests, support and feedback from front line technicians, paramedics, search and rescue and the make ready teams.

All new paramedic bags have had their dimensions scrutinised to fit typical ambulance bag compartments and ensuring all paramedics can safely carry them.

All CorrMed medical bags are fit for purpose, 100% infection control, durable, expertly designed and cost effective.

If you are interested to see a preview of the new range of paramedic bags, please get in touch.

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