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Blue Mirror – Combatting PPE fatigue

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Tired? Exhausted even? Fatigue in the workplace is no laughing matter so when you add in the pressures of saving lives and infection control, PPE fatigue is an increasingly worrying state.

Those in the know are moving towards the world of artificial intelligence to best support the workforce and PPE donning and doffing safely is at the core of what Blue Mirror is designed to support.

Donning PPE equipment and in particular the doffing process is critical to ensure safety and prevent cross infection. To train the clinical and support teams on the correct process and to ensure compliance is increasingly hard as our NHS workforce is stretched for resource and then PPE fatigue can come into play.

Blue Mirror, an AI programme specifically designed to facilitate accurate donning and doffing by instructing and critiquing the process in real-time, gives users and management the confidence that they can check and chart accurate training and use of PPE equipment across the workforce.

Click here to view Blue Mirror in action.

Blue Mirror removes the burden of precision from the user who may be working in extremely challenging conditions already. Blue Mirror is effective in combatting PPE fatigue on a number of levels. It removes the anxiety of independently donning and doffing PPE; it relieves the pressure to supervising colleagues because Blue Mirror works in real-time with each individual and most importantly it gives peace of mind that the user’s PPE is at it’s most effective because Blue Mirror will not allow you to complete the process until it sees that it has been done accurately.

PPE fatigue and safety of the workforce is exponentially improved with thorough PPE compliance and Blue Mirror is the best way to monitor and measure this without adding to the physical and psychological burdens of the user.


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