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A Range of Pouches

Multiple Pouches

Many of our bags have internal pouches designed to carry equipment such as medicines, PPE, First aid, Observations, Burns, BVM, Airways, AED etc. 

We aim to make all these pouches available as a part of the main bag, or separately.  

The pouches all have clear lids, tamperproof and waterproof zips, identification labels and are different colours. They are made from heavy-duty tarpaulin (Tarpex) in a 500-denier material weight, making them extremely durable and wipe clean. 

Vial Pouch

For use in the Medicines Backpack, First Responder Backpack or on their own

Specialised tablet holder
Airways Bag
Oxygen and Entonox Pouch
Small Pouches

For use in First Responder Oxygen Backpack or on their own

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty, high quality materials

  • Tamperproof and waterproof zips

  • Clear lids and external labelling

  • 100% Infection Control design

Untitled design (1).png
Untitled design.png

We are very proud

of what we’ve worked

on alongside CorrMed

and believe the National Response & National Medicines bag will make a huge difference to the industry.

Matt Gibson, Elite EMS

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