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AIRsteril in action: Calcot Collection

The Calcot Collection of Hotels has introduced air sterilisation throughout the collection, following an initial pilot with the housekeeping team at the Barnsley House Hotel.


As part of a desire to go the ‘extra mile’ and provide 24/7 protection to guests and staff, the trial initially included a mobile decontamination system to provide enhanced cleaning to the bedrooms as they were turned over each day, as well as daytime air and surface sterilisation in the gym whilst guests enjoyed a work out.


They also used the system to provide overnight sterilisation of the main public bars and restaurants, thus ensuring the air was sterilised in advance of the morning breakfast guests.


In light of the recent medical studies on air conditioning spreading Covid-19 and the recommendation to ventilate rooms, the group decided to deploy the smaller silent running units into each of their spa rooms where the ventilation was a challenge. The enhanced air and surface cleaning with no unnecessary chemicals resonated with both staff and guests alike.


Executive housekeeper Olive Hannah says;

“The technology is marvellous. I was sceptical at first, thinking this would be a machine with chemicals and how it would corrode our buildings, fabrics, and materials. We take such care to manage our buildings, some of which are grade II listed, we were so thrilled to find a chemical free system. What was an added bonus, is that AIRsteril also eliminates unpleasant odours. Sometimes we struggle to turnover a room to the standards we expect if a child has been ill or similar events have caused offensive odours. Now with the AIRsteril system that CorrMed provide, we no longer have this problem as within a couple of hours all is cleansed and the rooms is fresh as the country air outside.”

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