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CorrMed have been working closely with the infection prevention and control team as well as the education team at Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to install Blue Mirror for their annual staff PPE training.


Staff at the Community Trust receive annual PPE training, but this can

be difficult to manage across several sites whilst maintaining consistency in the education delivered and ensuring a good understanding post training on safe PPE practices.



Blue Mirror will significantly help in the delivery, consistency and measurability of their staff training as well as offering added benefits to their sites including staff confidence.


Blue Mirror is not only innovative, but fun for users to engage with, helping support memory retention and therefore ensuring better understanding post training. Our UK evaluation site reported 97.5% of users agreed that Blue Mirror supported memory retention vs 61.5% from previous training methods.


Being an artificial intelligence software program, Blue Mirror guarantees everyone receives the same level of training, improving consistency in use of PPE and improved safety for staff and patients.




Paula Halsall, (pictured left on photo) is the Lead IPC and she had this to say:


We are delighted and very excited to be the first Community Trust to be using Blue Mirror.


From our first discussions, I knew it would be a game changer for our PPE training.


PPE training has always been a challenge, especially around the compliance and staff confidence.


Over the last two years, it has proven to all staff how important the donning, but more importantly, the doffing process is.


The implementation only took three weeks before go-live, and it’s been a very easy process with the CorrMed team always on hand to support. We know that staff will find the system fun and engaging and we already have our first training sessions booked in.


For Infection Control and Education, the reporting side is going to help immensely, with staff using QR codes to start their training, meaning it is completely touchless and Blue Mirror also knows which mask each individual is fit tested for.


Blue Mirror will be integrated with our ESR and Education systems meaning the data is automatically uploaded as often as required.


We are so excited to be using Blue Mirror and can’t wait to roll it out across Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS FT!



Blue Mirror is adaptable should protocols change and with the simple click of a button ensures the correct and most current training is delivered.


They system installed at Bridgewater recognises users with their unique QR code, making it quick and easy for them to start and complete their training whilst reducing potential cross infection opportunities with a touchless operation.


Blue Mirror also enables managers to review who has completed their training including details of compliance and errors made. Through directly linking to an education and employee staff record platform, Blue Mirror enables automatic uploading of reporting documents which streamlines the administrative process.

To find out more, see a demo or request a free trial > 

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