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Protecting guests at serviced apartments in Cheltenham 

We have recently been working with the team at Beechurst Serviced Apartments. A converted Victorian farmhouse with three serviced apartments already on offer, a further two will open in time for the highlight of the Cheltenham racing calendar.  The two new apartments, Beale and Bailey, are beautifully presented offering guests a stylish, spacious and convenient place to stay for business or pleasure. The Bailey apartment has even been named after one of Gloucestershire's leading horse trainers Kim Bailey, giving an indication of just how much all of us enjoy the Festival™ in Cheltenham.

Angie Petkovic, owner of Beechurst Serviced Apartments says “Our investment in producing quality apartments isn’t just about the more obvious aspects to hospitality: decoration, furnishings, cleanliness, and service. We feel it is just as important to protect our guests from Covid and other germs in the air, so for us implementing an air purification was an obvious choice.

The CorrMed AIRsteril units are perfect for us as they are silent, discreet and wall mounted.  Many guests only realise that they are there because we tell them!  We believe it’s important that they feel safe and reassured whilst staying with us and we have had nothing but positive feedback.  The AIRsteril units are good value and for us we recouped the cost in just a few bookings. Katie and the team have been so helpful at advising on the best solution to meet our needs and I’ve been busy telling many people just how fabulous they are!”


The Airsteril units CorrMed installed at Beechurst Serviced Apartments are known as AIRSilent. The Air silent range work using a thermal convection and are ideal for bedrooms or smaller rooms. AIRsteril is used in many buildings where ventilation is difficult or proactive air purification from virus, bacteria, mould and spores is required.

beechurst apartment .jpeg

CorrMed have installed the air silent range in many venues in Gloucestershire, ranging from hospitals to hotels, spas and even for private individual homes where asthmatic’s or immunocompromised individuals are seeking additional protection.


To find out more speak to one of our team on 01452 830269 or email us

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