Visiba Care Technology & Implementation

Secure authentication

Logins for all parties involved in calls are authenticated using SITHS, BankID, etc.


Visiba Care API makes it easy to develop connections to other e-health tools, e.g. EMIS, TPP or other electronic health care records. 


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Customer-adapted design

We design your digital practice based entirely on your logo and branding. A customised online internet page or your own app will be created


App Development

An app will be created for patients and clinicians to use and made avaiable to download from App Store or Google Play.



System administrators control the functionality of Visiba Care, add more users, set rights and security settings.

Secure Use

The platform supports several methods for secure login. 

  • BankID (Sweden)
  • Mobile BankID (Sweden)
  • Telie NetID
  • 2-stage text message verification

All connections to the platform are protected by encryption via HTTPS (SSL). Video meetings are always conducted peer-to-peer where possible (with no data passing through a central server) and all data is encrypted (via AES128 or HMAC-SHA1).


Implementation approach

The team at CorrMed and Visiba Care will work with you to ensure your implemation is seemless.

Before we start our work, we will require your branding information such as logo and colours. Our developent team will then work to create your branded internet page for log-ins as well as your own branded App. There are no specialist desktops or servers needed by yourselves, as Visiba Care is hosted in secure datacentres accredidated for holding NHS data

Once the developmet is complete, we will arrange to come on site to provide training. This is followed via webex training, using help guides and a UK support line to ensure your team quickly adopt the new technology. 

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