Visiba Care For Management

A flexible system for attractive workplaces

Visiba Care facilitates flexibility in the workplace. In the same way that the platform allows patients to contact their healthcare provider from wherever they are, it is also possible for healthcare professionals to meet with patient from anywhere. Are the specialists on whom your organisation relies scattered? With Visiba Care, you can make your specialists available to the entire organisation. Do some of your staff commute long distances? With Visiba Care there is no obstacle to a doctor or nurse seeing patients from their home.


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Commit the right resources to the right need

E-health with Visiba Care also makes it easier to focus on those patients who really need it. A simple prescription renewal should take up the minimum possible amount of time, resources and attention. A patient requiring diagnosis should have as much time as is needed to provide the best possible care. With Visiba Care’s range of e-health services, a quick prescription renewal via a video meeting can free more of your time for a consultation with a patient suffering from a multi-symptom illness.

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