Visiba Care

CorrMed are representing Visiba Care in the UK, which is a Swedish company who have created a video consultation software platform allowing healthcare practitioners to provide online consultations to their patients. 

The software is branded so should you be a GP practice, it enables your own doctors and nurses to provide the care to your own patients, digitally through a virtual meeting, and uses your own local primary care service branding for your GP practice.

Unlike other digital GP platforms where a GP in the cloud, visiba connects the GP to their existing patients, thus critical medical history is always known and understood.

Visiba Care technology is secure, safe and innovative offering the opportunities for remote consultations and improved efficiency to meet the goals of the GP Forward View and is available for pilots and rollouts from Autumn 2017. 

[provide GP forward view for download, but use must give name, email and hospital first]

Visiba Care online GP Consultation Software platform reduces burden of consultation demand, gives alternative options to patients for consultations remotely and creates efficiency and choice for the GPs on managing their own workflow. 


How Visiba Care Works



Healthcare professionals and patients are offered the opportunity to meet via video call and text message, share information via smart forms and much more.