The Very Best In Therapeutic Surface Systems

Med Therapeutics was founded in 2019 as a partnership between ServiceMed and CorrMed, with the aim of providing a complete range of TSS that meets the needs of all care settings. MTP products are designed and created by some of the most experienced people in the pressure area care market in the UK, Germany and Italy. The team members have taken their collective experience within the TSS industry and created what both the UK distributors and end users want from this technology, adding new ideas and designs based on the changing requirements of both clinical experts and patient requirements. The range reaches across the complete clinical requirements for low, medium and high risk applications.



Product Range

MTP products provide excellent value for money and unparalleled quality. Detailed information on the product ranges including features, associated risk factor and budgets the can be found on the Med Therapeutics website:

Med Therapeutics Website Coming Soon

 Top range

- Suitable for the most complex patients

- Automated weight and body mass calculation, providing intuitive care

- Visual screen display reporting pressure changes

- Quick reaction via intelligent computer system 

Mid range

- Priced competitively

- Plug and play system  

Budget range

- Provides a multi-function pump suitable for all scenarios




 TSS Specifically Designed For:

- Individual Care at Home

- Nursing & Care Homes

- Acute Hospitals

- Hospices





All MTP products are available through a network of highly experienced distributors, chosen for their knowledge of pressure area care, wound care and therapeutic surfaces offerings, as well as their ability to support capital sale and rental options. 


Med Therapeutics Website Coming Soon