CorrPure Multi-Flex Range


Strong odours and airborne bacteria can seriously affect your organisation and the health of your service users, customers and staff. Regular cleaning and disinfecting alone, or simple use of masking agents, are not enough to control the spread of micro-organisms and this can cause a number of illnesses.

The CorrPure™ Multi-Flex range is a robust, multi-purpose unit designed to work in a variety of different environments and utilises the unique combination of 5 technologies to eliminate unpleasant washroom odours and control harmful bacteria and viruses both in the air and on all exposed surfaces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Working in areas from 5m2 to100m2 these low energy units provide constant clean, fresh, sanitised air. With no filters to change and minimal maintenance they provide a green solution that improves the overall hygiene and environment.

In September 2009 the Health Protection Agency’s laboratories at Porton Down performed efficacy testing of the CorrPure M20 unit’s ability to reduce aerosol and surface microbial contamination.

The tests showed a reduction of airbourne microorganisms of up to 98.11% within 5 minutes of exposure and a reduction of surface contamination up to 59.47% in one hour, the surface tests included MRSA.


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The CorrPure™ Multi-Flex range draws air into the unit using a small low power fan. Contaminated air is then purified by the unique and innovative arrangement of dual band UV lamps, which eliminate a wide array of micro-organisms. However, in addition to this, the unit also transmits plasma, containing a mix of different ions that also eliminates bacteria and viruses, which it continues to do as it is transmitted out of the unit and comes into contact with the surrounding air and surfaces.




There are five models available in the CorrPure™ Multi-Flex range: MP20, MP40, MP60, MP80 and MP100

 Product Code


 Area of Coverage

 MP20  Multi-Flex 20  Up to 20m2
 MP40  Multi-Flex 40  Up to 40m2
 MP60  Multi-Flex 60  Up to 60m2
 MP80  Multi-Flex 80  Up to 80m2
 MP100  Multi-Flex 100  Up to 100m2



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